Healthcare Management

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Find out why healthcare sectors have chosen iMORE

Healthcare Management

Optimize Hospital Management And Ensure Better Healthcare To Patients.

iMORE, software solutions for Hospitals takes care of all operational aspects of hospital management with a vision for the best healthcare center to provide enhanced patient care.

iMORE makes work easy to efficiently control and coordinate all the hospital tasks in a few clicks. Manage mundane work effectively, and get hospital staff to concentrate on qualitative enhancement and betterment.
Our fully automated system is highly scalable and user-friendly software redefines a hospital in all its dimensions to be able to offer quality treatment at affordable rates.

Modules for Healthcare Management

In-Patient Management

The in-patient module enables you to provide value based care with continuous engagement, reduce patient dropout and have a good relation with patient for life.

  • Register a new patient- assign ward and bed
  • Create a dashboard for patients
  • Record patient health history
  • Discharge and transfer of patients
  • Lab Reports and Tests linked
  • Pharmacy records
  • Daily tracking of prescribed food and medicine intake

Operation Theater Management

Our intelligent algorithms are smartly prompt specialty-based templates in Charting, Clinical Notes, Prescriptions, Treatment Plans, and Lab Reports.

  • Scheduling of operation theaters, the surgery team
  • Operation roster management supports multiple shift hours for providers
  • Patient tracking
  • Patient Area Locator With Assisted Map
  • Billing enabled with estimation, discounts, offers, packages
  • Appt. Mgmt by specialty, skills, grade, proximity & locations
  • 100+ Powerful Reports & MIS for business, clinical & operation
  • Birth and Death certificates.

Out-Patient Management

An organized OPD for handling large numbers of patients to be attended by multiple Doctors in an OPD.

  • Patient management system
  • Manage patient progress
  • Clinical summary
  • Examination sheet, medication order
  • Discharge summary and more.

Inventory Management

Inventory Operations are automated with an intelligent solution tailored to your unique healthcare needs.

  • Regulates the complete stock movement across the entire hospital.
  • Manage the inventory across the entire hospital from wards, OT, pharmacies, etc.
  • Plan replenishment orders
  • No more overstocking and understocking
  • Inventory tracking turnover

Pathology /Laboratory Management

Pathology Lab Management is a centralized database system that maps

  • All data of patient records
  • Patient lab reports
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Fully configurable laboratory tests reports that are ordered in outpatient or Inpatient instantaneously

Pharmacy Software

Central and distributed pharmacy module with several functional units

  • Stock tracking
  • Ordering
  • Medicine receipt from wholesalers/ vendors billing
  • Accounts

Finance & Accounting Management

Financial and accounting modules optimize your monetary goals by letting you manage and control effectively the entire monetary flow, providing transparency and accountability.

  • Real-time accounting metrics
  • Integrated and Consolidated Financials
  • Task automation
  • Role-based dashboards
  • Billing
  • Forecast cash flow management
  • Accurate and Compliant financial reporting

HR and Payroll Management

The payroll and HR Management module covers the routine activities of HRD and tasks pertaining to existing employees.

  • Employee attendance and leaves
  • Payrolls and loans
  • ROTA registers new hires and also contractual employees
  • Record management of employee personnel files
  • Timesheet management

iMORE Benefits for Healthcare Sector

Streamline Healthcare processes with the best-in-class solution, you will only benefit from capabilities and feature

Cost Effective

Automation saves costs, our software modules are specifically designed to reduce operational costs up to 23%

Digitalized Clinical Practices

Billing, Collection, Patient Medical History, Discharge Detail through a centralized system.

Fully automated & Cloud Based

A blend of finest tools and technology to enable multi-departmental efficiency, coordination.

Pre-defined Templates

Faster processing and eliminates Human Error, this increases patient safety and protects physicians from potential regulatory and legal sanctions.

Smart Patient Workflow

Keep a track of the entire workflow, fasten response time, and handle great volume of work efficiently.

Digitalize Clinical Practices

Get real-time insights into all facets of your healthcare infrastructure, finances and other important stats on a single screen, improving clinical decision-making.

Fully Scalable

Scale according to your growing business needs and accelerate business processes.

Happy Patients

Our fully automated platform enhances customer satisfaction and deliver best patient care.

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A constant challenge we faced was managing 2 different curriculums for our international school. iMORE brought in a solution to easily manage both curriculums across the school and a very easy to use interface customized for our departments. The data reports from the academic modules, student attendance, covers, lecture management and student behavior modules help us make better decision for our students.

Mr.DennisPrincipal - International School-Bahrain

iMORE software has been greatly appreciated by our teachers and admin staff for having eased out managing our activities with all the data being accessible for our inter-department tasks, without having to do repetitive multiple data entries. This significantly reduced redundant data and errors in reporting. We got more time to deliver timely work and improved our decision making and education quality.

Ms.RadhikaData Manager, Indian School

iMORE has been an easy to use software, it has been a pleasure to work with OOM team who support us in finding solutions to our work challenges to help us easily manage all our administration and academic works for a smooth functioning of our residential schools. We love the multiple dashboards to monitor the activities and work statuses of our various schools with consolidated, easy to view visuals.

Ms. LancySenior Leader, Group of Residential Schools

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