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Every problem is unique and requires a personalized solution. We believe in creating customized solutions to our customers that meet their specific requirements.

OOM Technology Solutions helps businesses achieve their goals by providing efficient IT strategies and end-to-end technical support to small and medium business establishments and organizations. Our expertise in the service industry, technical understanding, sourcing knowledge, and balanced view make us the ideal partner to optimize all your technology requirements. 


At OOM Technology Solutions, we excel in IT decision-making’s technical and commercial aspects. Our client engagements consistently showcase our commitment to customization, ensuring the best possible outcome for your unique situation. Trust us to provide the support needed to overcome any challenges.

What we offer as services

We offer a complete portfolio of consultancy, project management and implementation services at an affordable price; some of our key services are mentioned below:

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Our company offers consulting, design, implementation, and support for IT infrastructure on-premises, hybrid, and cloud. We provide both offshore and onshore support services to our clients.


  • Remote Infrastructure Managed Services

  • Datacenter Consulting Services

  • Network and Security Consulting Services

  • Servers and Storage Consulting Services

  • Virtualizations and Cloud Consulting Services

  • Messaging and Collaboration Consulting Services

  • Database Consulting Services

  • Cyber Security Consulting Service


SAP Related Support

We can help you in implementing and integrating customized business processes. Our SAP-certified engineers are industry-experienced to help you with the implementation and post-implementation works of SAP.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Achieve faster ROI with full-featured AI-driven robotics process automation.


Scaling automation from simple back-office tasks to time-consuming business processes can be challenging. However, software robots or bots can complete tasks without delay using AI insights. Our RPA expert team can help you automate your business and IT processes at scale.

Salesforce Implementation and Support

At OOM Technology Solutions, we are dedicated to improving your business by seamlessly integrating our services. Our top-quality support and evolution services are designed to boost your staff’s productivity and optimize your business outcomes. We also closely monitor individual progress and growth to ensure you achieve your desired results.


  • Configuration and Customization

  • Salesforce Integration Services

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

Project Management and Execution

We provide customized development and maintenance services for websites, apps, software, and data analytics.


If you already have a website, software, or IT system and need maintenance support or to bridge the technology gap, OOM Technology Solutions is your trusted partner.

Leverage Our Custom-Tailored IT Consultancy Services

New businesses and ongoing projects can be made more profitable and cost-efficient using our solutions, guided by our technical experts.

Our IT Consultants are passionate to help you

  • Our IT consultants can identify and choose the right software or program to best serve your business interest. We perform a total cost of ownership analysis to ascertain that you get the highest return on investment (ROI) from the desired IT setup.

  • Our IT consultation expert helps integrate a new software application into your business model. They can address the compatibility issues between the existing system and new software application and ensure the integration is done smoothly.

  • Suppose you have a software system that lacks a feature or two crucial for your business. In that case, our consultants perform a functionality gap analysis and advise you on how to customize the software application to meet your requirements and needs.

Our Growing Resource Team






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Advantages of Our IT Consultancy Services

✅ Tactical placement and customization of the services ensure the targeted user group is best served.

✅ Reduces operational costs by determining your business’s best and most cost-effective IT processes.

✅ Replaces expensive and time-consuming processes with cost-effective and efficient ones to achieve business targets quickly and cost-effectively. This boosts your ROI (Return on investment).

✅ Help you embrace the best practices that are modernized benchmarks in the IT industry.

✅ It puts you on the path of continuous improvement so the work process is streamlined and optimized.

✅ An expert team comprising 20+ years of combined experience in the IT Infrastructure domain with multiple OEM certifications from Cisco, HPE, Fortinet, Microsoft, etc.

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We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

A constant challenge we faced was managing 2 different curriculums for our international school. OOM team brought in a solution to easily manage both curriculums across the school and a very easy to use interface customized for our departments. The data reports from the academic modules, student attendance, covers, lecture management and student behavior modules help us make better decision for our students.

Mr.DennisPrincipal - International School-Bahrain

iMORE software has been greatly appreciated by our teachers and admin staff for having eased out managing our activities with all the data being accessible for our inter-department tasks, without having to do repetitive multiple data entries. This significantly reduced redundant data and errors in reporting. We got more time to deliver timely work and improved our decision making and education quality.

Ms.RadhikaData Manager, Indian School

iMORE has been an easy to use software, it has been a pleasure to work with OOM team who support us in finding solutions to our work challenges to help us easily manage all our administration and academic works for a smooth functioning of our residential schools. We love the multiple dashboards to monitor the activities and work statuses of our various schools with consolidated, easy to view visuals.

Ms. LancySenior Leader, Group of Residential Schools

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