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Intelligent Surveillance

AI Assisted Video Surveillance

Sentinel delivers highly accurate real-time event detections, eliminating the need to rely on the alertness or response discipline of the system’s operator.

Sentinel Prime is a state-of-the-art surveillance solution that uses advanced software, sensor components, and hardware technologies to deploy as a layered multi-sensor platform covertly. Its purpose is to detect, identify active events, and prevent potential threats before they occur.

This intelligent software is specifically designed to manage the safety and security of residential, industrial and commercial environments. It can seamlessly integrate with and your closed-circuit TV (CCTV) system and proactively monitors activities on your behalf. With real-time notifications, your security personnel team can quickly address and neutralize any situation before it gets out of hand.

Incredibly Intelligent Event Detection

Firearms and Weapons Detection

Sentinel Prime can detect over 3000 firearms and weapon models with an accuracy of 99%, generating alerts to increase safety.

Activity and Line Crossing

This feature enables effective monitoring of people based on their assigned activities and authorized location. Any infringement is quickly detected, which enables the efficient monitoring.

Vehicle identification and Tracking

Tracking vehicle entry and movement within a facility is critical. Sentinel Prime monitors all vehicles and actions inside.

Sound Detection & Classification

In most incidents, the first indicator is sound. Sentinel Prime can detect and classify over 60 different sounds emitted by machines, humans, animals, and the environment.

Fight Detection

Sentinel Prime can detect fights by analyzing movement trajectories and send alerts to contain violence in public and facility spaces.

Person Trajectories

Sentinel Prime can analyze a person’s movement trajectory and predict potential events.

Smoking Detection

Effective identification of smoking occurrences by Sentinel Prime ensures a healthy environment in non-smoking areas.

Fire and Explosion Detection

Faster detection with Sentinel Prime can quickly alert action teams and prevent damage and loss of life.

Workplace Safety

PPE compliance is mandatory in all facilities. Sentinel Prime scans personnel for protective gear and alerts noncompliance.

Work Place -Policy Violations

Sentinel Prime can detect and report unsafe employee behavior, procedural violations, environmental issues, and permit violations within the facility.

AI Object Locator

Sentinel can identify&locate objects/ assets in a facility and keep in track of the same.

Intrusion Detection

Sentinel Prime can secure specific regions within a facility and detect unauthorized entry, enhancing on-premises security.


Sentinel can identify suspicious behavior by unknown individuals on your property and detect activities that may decrease productivity.

Perimeter Sweep with count

Sentinel can monitor the perimeters and flag any person movement or crowding incidents

Person Unknown™

Detect unknown faces in monitored environments

Sentinel History

Sentinel was conceptualized as a system that uses custom machine learning and AI software, specifically Cognitive Detection. Sentinel Prime has identified a pressing need to expand the boundaries of public gathering spaces and locations to improve threat detection. Factors like the environment or architecture of a site may make a single solution less cost-effective or unable to meet all safety and security requirements for combating active threats that are increasingly prevalent. Sentinel provides various event and threat detection solutions and components that ensure the most secure access control environment possible, whether in parking lots or building interiors where people and communities congregate.

Incredibly Powerful Features

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

A constant challenge we faced was managing 2 different curriculums for our international school. iMORE brought in a solution to easily manage both curriculums across the school and a very easy to use interface customized for our departments. The data reports from the academic modules, student attendance, covers, lecture management and student behavior modules help us make better decision for our students.

Mr.DennisPrincipal - International School-Bahrain

iMORE software has been greatly appreciated by our teachers and admin staff for having eased out managing our activities with all the data being accessible for our inter-department tasks, without having to do repetitive multiple data entries. This significantly reduced redundant data and errors in reporting. We got more time to deliver timely work and improved our decision making and education quality.

Ms.RadhikaData Manager, Indian School

iMORE has been an easy to use software, it has been a pleasure to work with OOM team who support us in finding solutions to our work challenges to help us easily manage all our administration and academic works for a smooth functioning of our residential schools. We love the multiple dashboards to monitor the activities and work statuses of our various schools with consolidated, easy to view visuals.

Ms. LancySenior Leader, Group of Residential Schools

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